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About Blood Ravens

Who Are We:
• Initially formed from players that worked together (and still play) on past MMOs - WWIIOL/BE, EVE, SWG, DDO, WoW, AoC, LOTRO, WAR, AION, RIFT, SWTOR, etc.
• Many with PnP D&D legacies that go back 20 years
• We have folks of all ages from all across the USA and several from points well beyond
• We also have several couples who play this game together – a growing trend it seems
• Raids: Yeah we may do them but that is not primary our focus
• Role-play: Not much right now…but you may found some with hidden talent for it

Member Benefits:
• Active player base with 30+ members; 6 to 10 active per day
• Primary play times: week nights 7pm to 11pm Central and any time on weekends
• Dedicated Ventrilo server along with GuildLaunch forums, games tools, etc.

Kinship/Guild Rulez:
• No level, class, or race restrictions for membership
• Any and all players are welcome as long as you have a friendly disposition
• Strong social aim - come and have fun with friends
• We expect civil behavior to other guild members - have fun but don't harass anyone
• For Major disputes: Each guild/squad/clan/kinship Leader makes the call for any issues with members and/or officers


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